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KGV Oval – Sun, 5th July

Glenorchy             15.12.102
Clarence                7.7.49

Glenorchy: J. Bowden 5, S. Piuselli 3, M. Rainbird 2, M. Joseph, S. Bennetts, R. Mott, D. Muir, C. Brown
Clarence: T. Standen 3, J. Fox 2, A. Grace 2

Glenorchy: J. Arnold, J. Bowden, S. Piuselli, T. Cleary, R. Mott, C. Brown
Clarence: K. Palmer-Hughes, B. Jones, M. Ling, H. Bailey, W. Wall, T. Standen

Development League


KGV Oval – Sun, 5th July

Glenorchy               9.12.66
Clarence                  9.5.59

Glenorchy: L. Grace 2, D. Grant 2, A. Grubb 2, A. Burgess 2, C. Blackaby
Clarence: M. Blackburn 4, J. Murphy 4, J. Fisher

Glenorchy: D. Grant, C. Mcknight, C. Blackaby, J. Geard, L. Grace, C. Salter
Clarence: B. Dart, J. Wylie, M. Swan, M. Blackburn, T. Marshall, R. Martin



Windsor Park – Sat, 27th June 2015

Glenorchy                     13.17.95
Launceston                    7.6.48

Glenorchy: J. Bowden 5, S. Bennetts 3, M. Rainbird, M. Joseph, J. Webb, K. Styles, D. Muir
Launceston: S. Whiting 4, C. Murfett, B. Savage, J. Smith

Glenorchy: T. Cleary, R. Mott, J. Bowden, S. Hall, B. Kamaric, J. Arnold
Launceston: C. Murfett, T. Claridge, J. Smith, Z. Griffiths, S. Whiting, K. McMahon

Development League


Windsor Park – Sat, 27th June 2015

Glenorchy                  26.23.179
Launceston                0.0.0

Glenorchy: A. Burgess 4, J. Young 4, S. Plummer 3, A. Blair 3, T. Butterworth 3, C. Blackaby 2, F. Rose 2, J. Douglas, G. Spotswood, K. Richards, S. Stewart, B. Campbell

Glenorchy: T. Butterworth, J. Young, A. Blair, T. Spotswood, C. Blackaby, C. Mcknight
Launceston: J. Woolley, J. Tyrrell, E. Smith, S. Killalea, J. Booth, H. Ashlin



Lauderdale Oval – Sat, 20th June

Lauderdale                  14.9.93
Glenorchy                    9.7.61

Lauderdale: B. Halton 3, B. Walsh 2, R. Wiggins 2, A. Hill, M. Cassidy, E. Stanley, E. Taylor, Z. Plant, S. Watson, A. Woodhead
Glenorchy: D. Muir 4, J. Bowden 3, D. Joseph, B. Reynolds

Lauderdale: A. Duggan, K. Waller, B. Walsh, J. Dunham, A. Hill, E. Stanley
Glenorchy: M. Rainbird, D. Muir, T. Duggan, S. Hall, J. Bowden, J. Arnold

Development League


Lauderdale Oval – Sat, 20th June

Glenorchy                   11.13.79
Lauderdale                 4.6.30

Glenorchy: A. Grubb 3, B. Kamaric 3, S. Bennetts 2, E. Magnus, G. Spotswood, A. Blair
Lauderdale: C. Hooker 2, J. Roberts, M. West

Glenorchy: C. Salter, B. Kamaric, L. Grace, B. Campbell, E. Magnus, D. Grant
Lauderdale: A. Morton, T. Havea, T. Blowfield, C. Burridge, D. Johns



KGV Oval – Sat, 13th June

Glenorchy                   16.14.110
Hobart City                 3.7.25

Glenorchy: M. Joseph 4, R. Mott 2, D. Muir 2, S. Piuselli 2, T. Bowden 2, K. Styles, J. Bowden, M. Dilger, B. Webb
Hobart City: N. Hardy, B. Norton, D. Bosen

Glenorchy: R. Mott, T. Cleary, D. Joseph, M. Joseph, B. Quinn, S. Hall
Hobart City: J. Charlton, H. Williams, G. Delaney, M. Doran, J. Miller, B. Norton

Development League


KGV Oval – Sat, 13th June

Glenorchy                  21.8.134
Hobart City                7.2.44

Glenorchy: A. Grubb 5, S. Bennetts 4, L. Webb 4, J. Geard 2, D. Grant 2, J. Davie, A. Burgess, S. Stewart, E. Magnus
Hobart City: J. Bastick 2, C. Wittison, B. Grant, J. Bangura, B. Plunkett, E. Cole

Glenorchy: J. Geard, S. Bennetts, S. Stewart, E. Magnus, D. Grant, J. Young
Hobart City: J. McCulloch, J. Bastick, E. Cole, C. Ransom, B. Ackerley, M. Rickards



Shane started his career at Glenorchy playing underage in 2000 and 2001. He then became a regular senior player from 2002 to 2009. In 2010 he moved to Melbourne playing with Coburb Football Club ub the VFL. He then stayed out of football in 2011 and 2012.

In 2013 Shane returned to Glenorchy as Bench Coach for the Senior Team.  2014 saw "Poppa" take on the position as Development Coach and put on the boots to become a player again, continuing both in 2015.

Poppa has played in two premiership teams in 2007 and 2008. Won the William Leitch Medal in 2008, represented Tasmania as a player, captain and won the Lefroy Medal for Best Player in 2009.

Poppa has been an inspiration for all players and stadd who have been associated with him.


2014 - Best in Finals (Club Seniors Award)
2009 - State Team (State Seniors Award)
2009 - Captain (Club Seniors Award)
2009 - Most Effective (Club Seniors Award)
2009 - Best & Fairest (State Seniors Award)
2008 - Vice Captain (Club Seniors Award)
2008 - Premiership Player (League Seniors Award)
2008 - Most Effective (Club Seniors Award)
2008 - Best & Fairest (Previous League Seniors Award)
2007 - Vice Captain (Club Seniors Award)
2007 - Premiership Player (League Seniors Award)
2007 - Best Clubman (Club Seniors Award)
2007 - Most Effective (Club Seniors Award)
2006 - Vice Captain (Club Seniors Award)
2005 - Vice Captain (Club Seniors Award)

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mccann john 100wThanks for coming to the new Glenorchy District Football Club website as part of our new online presence it is a great way to be across the latest Magpies' news from the Club. We will keep all interested supporters and, partners across the important ways to get behind the Club for membership, sponsorship, supporting the teams and events the Club is holding, being briefed on developments, following team performances and individual stats, getting to know our players, checking the club history, sponsors, delivery partners, staff, volunteers and our community.

The Club has for many years been a base for many smaller Clubs and community groups in the Northern suburbs of Hobart. We have also been involved with many community based partners to provide activities at the Club and outreach into our community. Our most visible programme currently is our schools and Junior Development programme but with the completion of our new Clubrooms in early 2016 we will be boosting our activities both at the Club and community outreach being driven from the Club. We will be combining with many of our current and some new partners to make sure the community of Glenorchy, surrounding areas  and our zone does  not miss out on programmes in recreation, well-being, healthy activity and group participation for all ages.

Get behind the GDFC Magpies this year and use our new website as a great source of information and interaction with the Club. Please send through any ideas you have to improve it further.

GDFC. Our Club and Our community working together as one

Club President
John McCann



cornelius aaron 2015 w100

Welcome to the new GDFC website moving forward into the future, 2015 and beyond.

This new look website is not only fantastic for up to date information but provides an in-depth look at the proud history of this great football club.

The new look website is not the only exciting thing happening in Magpie Land at the moment.

The playing group has completed a big pre-season under the guidance of our new strength & conditioning Coach, Sam Yee.  Sam Yee has been a massive inclusion to our program coming with a wealth of experience. He has this year’s playing group the fittest since the 1975 side.

With great addition to our playing group and a mix of old and new players returning, the club is looking forward to a big season.

This year the GDFC has 10 members in the Tasmanian under 18 program and in the under 16 Tasmanian Program. This is a clear indication of the great youth and potential for the near future of our senior playing group.

In saying this, make sure you check out our Facebook and Instagram account to see daily updates on the inner workings of this great football club.

This is a exciting time to get behind the football with the playing group set to be in the finals for the next 5 years and the addition of the first class facility at the ground.

Now is the time to get in and support the great community football club.

Senior Coach
Aaron Cornelius

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Black and White Ball
Sat Jul 11 @ 7:00PM -
Sat Jul 25 @ 7:00PM -
August Past Players reunion
Fri Aug 14 @ 7:00PM -
North Melbourne / St Kilda Breakfast
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