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Congratulations to Glenorchy players Sam Berry u15's and Theo Hart u12's in being selected to represent the STJFL in their respective age groups in the South v North games.

Also to Zabreena Manjerovic for being selected to the State Under 18 Women's Team and Shaye Jenkins for being selected as emergency.



Queenborough; Sat, 11th April

Glenorchy                        14.13.97
Hobart City                      12.10.82

Glenorchy: J. Bowden 4, D. Muir 2, M. Rainbird 2, R. Mott, L. Webb, L. Smith, J. Crossin, S. Piuselli, H. Pearce
Hobart City: J. Dobosz 5, C. Dell 2, K. Richter, B. Joseph, J. Stride, M. Doran, R. Matthews

Glenorchy: M. Rainbird, R. Mott, B. Webb, D. Joseph, J. Arnold
Hobart City: J. Dobosz, C. Jeffery, R. Sullivan, R. Matthews, C. Dell, J. Strid

Development League


Queenborough; Sat, 11th April

Glenorchy                      20.7.127
Hobart City                    6.9.45

Glenorchy: A. Grubb 7, M. Joseph 4, S. Bennetts 3, C. Brown, C. Blackaby, J. Geard, S. Plummer, J. Sharp, K. Styles
Hobart City: J. Williamson 2, H. Thompson 2, B. Grant, C. Kilpatrick

Glenorchy: S. Stewart, M. Joseph, D. Grant, A. Grubb, B. Kamaric, C. Brown
Hobart City: H. Thompson, B. Grant, J. Williamson, W. Cole, K. Williams, A. Stephens 




King George V Oval – Saturday 4th April

Glenorchy 17.17.119
Clarence 8.4.52

Glenorchy: D.Muir 3, L.Webb 3, M.Horne 2, M.Rainbird 2, B.Reynolds 2, R.Mott, D.Joseph, T.Bowden, J.Crossin, J.Bowden
Clarence: J.Fox 4, T.Standen 2, L.Adams, M.Blckburn

Glenorchy: L.Webb, B.Webb, T.Butterworth, J.Arnold, D.Muir, R.Mott
Clarence: J.Webberley, G.Chambers, J.Fox, K.Palmer-Hughes


Development League

Glenorchy v Clarence

KGV Oval – Saturday 4th April

Glenorchy              17.20.122
Clarence                 6.6.42

Glenorchy: S.Bennetts 4, D.Grant 2, H.Pearce 2, A.Grubb 2, J.Geard 2, M.Joseph 2, J.Sharp 2, L.Smith
Clarence: A.Grace 3, J.Holmes, A.Jones, J.Young

Glenorchy: B.Kamaric, S.Hall, B.Quinn, J.Geard, M.Rainbird, S.Bennetts
Clarence: J.Harper, H.Taylor, A.Silver, K.Wylie, B.Fazackerley, A.Grace


The club's first practice match took place last weekend, the boys took on Clarence at Abbotsfield Park, I'm very pleased to report that the outcome was fantastic. One of the main focus points for the Coaching staff was processes and structures, some very positive signs came out of the game. It was also a great opportunity for us to assess the game styles of the club's new recruits. Mark Horne was great on a wing and fits well into team structure. Although Cameron Duffy was kept out of the ruck, he played forward and hit up at the ball well. Evan Magnus played forward, back and in the ruck, Evan's body work was great and he covered the ground well. Great early signs from our two recruits from the Top End!

After a big pre-season ran by Sam Yee, the boys have not realised their full potential in games, so going into the 5th period players still had plenty left in the tank. Therefore, there was a lot that came out of the game. We still have a few things to work on in the next two weeks. Vision was taken of the game with great results on Monday night from vision review, and I am personally looking forward to the build-up of round one over the next two weeks and the conclusion of our pre-season.

Aaron Cornelius
GDFC Senior Coach

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Congratulations to Jordan Hayden who has be selected as Tasmanians under 18 captain for the 2015 season. 
Good luck to pill and the 10 Glenorchy boys in the state program.

Hayden Jordan



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