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The Clarence Glenorchy and Launceston Football Clubs are strongly committed to maintaining high-level women's football in Tasmania.

Following AFL Tasmania's decision to cease operating the Tasmanian State League Women (TSLW), our three clubs are now investigating all options to maintain a high-level women's competition, both on an interim basis for 2021 and a sustainable long-term basis beyond.

We are now meeting with commercial, football and community partners - who share our view that women's football needs both high-level and community-level competitions to cater for all participants - to try and achieve those goals.

The growth in women's football in Tasmania in recent years has been significant, but the growth that will occur in the coming years, as new generations of talented and committed players emerge from junior girls competitions, will be at another level altogether.

Our clubs believe it is vital to have an aspirational pathway for these girls to strive for - as is the case with women's state leagues in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia - local role models for them to emulate, and professional environments for them to develop to the best of their potential.

The nine young women drafted to the AFLW from TSLW clubs is testament to that, as is the impressive rise in standard of the TSLW in recent years, something that is widely-acknowledged in the football community.

We stand firm that high-level women's football must be maintained in Tasmania in 2021, while we work to identify the best state-league model to cater for the huge increase in talented female players who will soon emerge into senior ranks, and those are the outcomes we are committed to.

Sandra Boland - President Launceston Football Club
John McCann - President Glenorchy District Football Club
Margaret Sutherland - President Clarence Football Club

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