Woolworths Horizontal Tag CMYK Positive HRExciting news with the significant investment by Woolworths in construction, employment and partnering with community-based Clubs with the newest store in the country opening at Northgate.

A vote of confidence in the future and growth of our City and Club Zone. GDFC players and club officials were invited to be a part of the store opening today. Woolies have confirmed that they will be supporting the Magpies next season, handballing over gift cards this morning, and providing food and drink support during the year.

The Woolworths gift cards will be used to assist club events and fundraisers, as well as rewarding some of our volunteers. Thanks particularly to all the juniors and their parents for participating and making the event a true Magpie spectacle!

Please support all our sponsors and in particular shop at the new Woolworths Northgate when you can.

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