New Town & Glenorchy Past Players & Officials Association

The following information gives a brief history and an insight into the above Association and the governance of it.

The Association was first formed in 1957 by the late Mr. Les Fyle, a former President of the New Town District Football Club. Mr. Fyle was a highly respected Club administrator and an outstanding communicator of people. The inaugural meeting of the Association took place in the new club (Glenorchy District Football Club) and was conducted in the original club house situated on the Southern wing on King George V oval.

The new club house was the Hydro Electric Commission’s Ex-Men’s Mess Hut. It was purchased by the Club, demolished and transported from Liawenee to the oval by club members and supporters.

Management guidelines of the Association have changed over the years and are regularly reviewed by the Association’s executive committee.

Management Organisation :

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Five committeemen

Aims of the Association :

  1. To promote and encourage membership of the Association. 
  2. Foster goodwill and camaraderie.
  3. Provide assistance to the welfare of members as the executive see fit. 
  4. Preserve, maintain and protect the history and memorabilia of the New Town & Glenorchy District Football Clubs in trust of the Association.

Principal Responsibilities :

  1. Manage the affairs and Finances of the Association. 
  2. Conduct an Annual General meeting in each calendar year. 
  3. Arrange a reunion in each calendar year (Executive to decide on reunion theme).
  4. Provide the ‘Roy Cazaly’ Medal each year (at the cost of the Association).
  5. Present a cheque (amount determined by the Executive committee) to the Senior ‘Fairest & Best’ player/s of the Club.
  6. Provide Player Life Membership medallions when required (at the cost of the Association).
  7. From time to time award Association Life Membership.
  8. From time to time arrange functions and or events for the benefit of Association members.
  9. Compile a membership database including : telephone numbers, Street and Email addresses, player & Official’s profiles and all statistical information.
  10. Expend funds to the G.D.F.C. for player Guernsey sponsorship and or Youth Development support (as the Executive sees appropriate).

Responsible for the complete administration of the ‘Hall of Fame’ IE :

  1. Nomination & selection process.
  2. Advertising and Promotion costs.
  3. Function & guest invitations list.
  4. Provide Inductee’s profiles.
  5. Arrange appropriate Inductee’s mementos.
  6. All cost associated with the ‘Hall of Fame’ presentation board.

Memorabilia :

The Association has a substantial range of memorabilia and is endeavouring to expand what has become a major attraction at its annual display. It is also encouraging individuals to support this worthwhile cause in an effort to achieve the largest range of Club memorabilia in the State of Tasmania. The Executive Committee is appealing to Club members, supporters and the general public in relation to assisting with the extension of the Association’s range of memorabilia.

Any person who may have an item of interest to donate or loan to be copied linked to either the Glenorchy Footy Club or the New Town Football Club. 

IE : News paper clippings, Club or TFL annual reports, Club badges, Life membership badges, Football records, pennants, framed/non framed photographs, DVD’s/CD’s/Video tapes, trophies, Medallions, Club, guernsy’s Caps/Flags etc. please contact Graham Kelly 0400 212 805.

The Association would be most appreciative…………………