Ben Kamaric

*Photo courtesy of The Mercury

How was 2020 for Ben Kamaric?

“Frustrating,” he said without hesitation or any further addition.

Anyone who spent time at KGV last year would have seen ‘Disco’ prowling like a caged lion, trying to come to terms with a season derailed by two innocuous injuries. 

“I played some alright footy at the start of the year and then did my hamstring in Round 2, then came back and played a few games at 60 per cent (game time) and then did my ankle against Clarence,” he said.

“It was pretty frustrating, especially when we lost a lot of close games which I feel like I could have impacted.”

New perspective
Yet while 2020 was a year to forget for Kamaric – as it was for much of the globe – he is determined to get back to his Roy Cazaly Medal winning form of 2019 when the new TSL season commences on 10 April.

“Definitely. Especially after spending a year on the sidelines, it’s not what you play footy for, so I can’t wait to get out there,” he said.

“My perspective has definitely changed, you just take a lot more in that you don’t notice when you’re out there, sitting on the sidelines.

“Like our game plan, how certain people move with the footy, how we move with the footy when we’re playing well and how we struggle when we’re not playing well.”

Exciting times ahead
The speedster also sees some positives from last year that he believes will help Glenorchy surge back up the ladder.

“Definitely being able to blood a lot of kids,” he said.

“They got to play their first senior games and play a lot consistent senior games as well, and it’s obvious we’ve got a heap of talent coming through which is really pleasing.”

And he’s seeing the benefit of that already in the quality and intensity of training, highlighting the work of Harrison Gunther and Cam Goodsell to set the standards.

“Unreal. This pre-season you can just tell everyone who’s here is just very, very hungry and they want to succeed,” he said. 

“Our trainings have been unreal, the ball movement, and the young guys stepping up and leading the groups after the experience they had last year. The group has just been amazing.”

And that goes for Kamaric too, who has been back to his trademark dashing best.

“I just want to get through the year unscathed, really set my mark on the competition again, not just for myself but put the club in a great spot again,” he said.

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