Bayley Bester
*Pic by Dera J Photography

February 16 is a special day for Bayley Bester. 

Two years ago today his world changed forever when partner Krista gave birth to their twin daughters, Charlie and Ivy. 

“It’s been pretty full on, you have no idea how much time it takes up until you have them, but it’s been unreal,” Bester said last week.

That was in the middle of Bester’s two-year stint at Glenorchy in 2018 and 2019, that saw him play 25 senior games including five finals.

Come the end of 2019, however, and the burden of work, state league football and dedicating himself to his family proved too much, and he decided to head back to SFL club Claremont.

“The first 12 months it was flat out,” he said. 

“Now it’s stepped back, they're getting a bit older and starting to get switched on which makes life a lot easier.

“They’re two completely different people now, they’re real characters, it’s unbelievable.”

Second crack
The past two years have forced Bester to grow quickly, and he’s returned to Glenorchy a different man from the youngster who previously tried to get by mostly on talent.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that I had the girls I wouldn’t have left,” he said.

“I missed everything (about TSL), just the game pace, the skills, the atmosphere, people who are there for their football and get the best out of themselves.”

Most notably, Bester reported on the first day of 2021 pre-season in November and has hardly missed a beat since.

With his fitness base at an all-time high, and his maturity at another level from two years of parenting twins, he’s making an impact in Magpie land.

“My fitness has improved a lot and my communication and leadership has picked up heaps,” he said.

“I’m not hesitant and a bit scared to talk in front of a group anymore, helping people with what they need to improve on.”

Whatever the team needs
Now he’s ready to make his mark in a team full of players with a point to prove.

“I’ve improved a hell of a lot from my first game in 2018 to now, in those two years at Glenorchy definitely made me take that next step further and take it on a bit more,” he said.

“I want to try and be an impact forward, I know in 2019 my set shot averages were pretty bad, so I want that to improve a hell of a lot. Those have been two of my big focuses, get a lot fitter and work on my goal-kicking.

“I just want to do my part, do my role, be that lead-up, be that crumber, do whatever needs to be done for the team.”

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