Glenorchy District Football Club - The Magpies

At Glenorchy we are very lucky to have a fantastic complement of hard-working, committed and loyal Support Staff to help with running the football side of the Club. These amazing people are the backbone of our club, and all are volunteers – some having worked at the Club for no payment for up to half a century. For your services to the Club, we recognise and thank you.


Barry Hassett
Seniors Team Manager

Rebecca Webster
Womens Team Manager

Lyn Wessing
Womens Uniform Volunteer

Gabby Watson
Womens Volunteer

Morgan Wright
Womens Volunteer

Leslee Manjerovic
Womens Volunteer

Jordan Webster
Womens Volunteer



Peta Barnett
Head Trainer

Marcus Wilde



Sam Yee
Strength/Conditioning Coach

Tom Coates
Rehab / Strength & Conditioning Coach

Darren Poon

Lisa Quinn
Womens Physio

Chris Hutton
Womens Physio




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