New Town Football Club

Founding Year 1919

Although there were several New Town clubs that appeared during the period 1860’s to very early 1900’s that either merged with other clubs or become defunct. It really wasn’t until 1918 that a concerted effort was made to resurrect the club name and pursue a determined plan to compete in representing the northern suburbs of Hobart Town.

Recruiting began with players being approached from clubs within the New Town district, from the Military cadets, Buckingham and Derwent Rowing Clubs.

Included in the Buckingham recruits were, Frank Ward, Snowy Marsh, Frank Rule, Mick Lester and the Irwin brothers.

From the Derwent Rowing Club came, Les Goodey, George Smart and Norm Colvin.

A meeting was convened for the purpose of forming an committee and the following nominees were appointed.

President : Mr. Aristides Palfreyman
Chairman : Mr. Clarrie Flack
Treasurer : Mr. Nat Mawbey (Senr)
Secretary : Mr. Rex ‘Snowy’ Marsh
Captain/Coach : Mr. E. ‘Bricky’ Ward

President, Mr. Palfreyman, a former Rialannah player (Cananore JuniorFootball Club) and later North Hobart player, was significant in the planning process of the fledgling club.

He drafted the first club constitution and set rules and regulations for the management of the club.

At his own expense he recruited players from the mainland and arranged employment for them at his family’s Hobart drapery store.

The club committee selected Green & Gold as its team and district colours and for 100 pounds ($200) secured a Coach, a set of guernsey’s and socks.

There were no 19th or 20th men in those days and the first team in 1919 consisted of the following players :

E. Ward (Capt/Coach) W. Read, A. Langford, J. Terry, W. Eiszele, E. Fisher, R. Patterson, L. Goodey, E. O’Brien, R. Leitch, G. Stannard, L. Barwick, N. Hutton, F. Finch, A. Gregory, S. Dwyer, C. C. Wills, T. Evens.
Emergencies : C. Cantrell, H. Hicks, C. Goodey & W. H. Irwin.

Secretary, ‘Snowy’ Marsh successfully applied for the club to participate in a local junior competition, where the club took all before it in the early part of the season, before Club Committeeman, Mr. George Brewster was instrumental in forming the Southern Tasmania Junior Football Association with the Federal and Old Hobartians football clubs.

Club President. Mr. Palfreyman directed the club to join the newly formed Association and on Saturday 3rd of May 1919, New Town defeated Federal 10.16 (76) - 5.0.(30) at its first game at the New Town ground.

Best for New Town were : George Smart, Langford, Lester, Shott and Captain ‘Bricky’ Ward, who died later in the season due to the influenza epidemic. ‘Bricky’ was replaced by William ‘Billy’ Read as Captain/Coach.

New Town went on to win the Association’s premiership over Cananore Football club and capped off a resounding season by winning the State premiership over NTFA club, Invermay.